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Tips and Tools

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Short teacher videos from Santa Ana (CA) School district of students with special needs using iPods & iPads in the classroom



Tip for Access

 If you work with a student who inadvertently activates apps or the screen while dragging their hand or fingers across the screen try this tip.....use a cotton glove with the finger tip(s) cut off for only the student's "active finger". The student's hand or other fingers should not activate the device as it is designed to work with skin contact.



How to convert a text file to an audio file to play in iTunes (and your iPad or iTouch).

  • Use Zamzar a free online file conversion tool. Simply browse to the document (.doc .docx. .txt .rtf) to select it, then click on the format you want it converted to (AAC, MP3, WAV, etc), enter your e-mail address and "convert". The converted file will be sent to your e-mail account that day. You will need to download it within 24 hours after you receive the e-mail notice.  Now you need to put the file(s) into the iTunes library. In iTunes, choose File > “Add to Library,” locate a file or folder, and then click Choose.  Hook up and sync the device. 


  • You can also use Zamzar to convert YouTube videos to play on your devices. Copy the URL of the YouTube video. Paste it into the Zamzar window that asks for the URL. Convert to iPod,iPad or MP4. Download the file after you receive the notice in your email. Put the file on your desktop or someplace "easy to find". Go to your iTunes playlist for movies. Go to File>Add to LIbrary (or control O), navigate to the file & click OK. Hook up and sync the device.


How to convert an e-book to a "movie" to play on the device to show "text to speech"

You need ReadPlease, Any Video Converter, iTunes and CamStudio. All are free.

Here is the process - Open ReadPlease; Open digital/eBook; Open CamStudio; Select Regions in CamStudio and click on Region. Click on the Record button in ReadPlease. While ReadPlease is reading, CamStudio is recording.  Save the video file on the desktop. Open Any Video Converter and covert the .avi that CamStudio makes to MP4 that the iPod/iPad needs. Then drag the converted video file to the movies section of iTunes and Sync the iPod/iPad. Then the eBook movie can be seen anytime and anywhere.


Putting Bookshare.org Books on the iPad


Do you want to lock your device so students can't delete apps?

  • First update your device to OS 4 if you haven't already. In the Settings menu under General there are restrictions.  Activating this requires you to choose a pin.  From there you can turn on a restriction for deleting apps.


Backing up the Apps and other media on your device

  • You can back up (highly recommended!) your apps, podcasts and any other media on your iPad/iPod Touch. As of 4/12/11, iTunes suggests that you back up to CDs or DVDs. You have an option to only back up purchased apps or all of your media. You can also choose to only back up since your last back up so it is incremental. In any event, be prepared to have multiple discs available. It may take some time, but is relatively simple.
  • If you would rather back up to an external hard drive (such as a flash drive), first be certain that the drive is large enough to hold all of your apps and media. You will need to go to the Advanced Preferences in iTunes, but once again, the steps are relatively simple and outlined on this site.




ManualsMacworld iPad@Work.pdf

     iPad The Essential Handbook (2010).pdf.pdf


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