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Accessibility Accessories Page


iPod Touch Accessories


iPad Accessories

Cases, stands, grips and more!


Classroom Set



Make Your Own Stylus- Use a pencil (eraser end) or capped pen. Cover one end & the sides with aluminum foil. Use a couple of layers of "scotch tape" over the top of the pen/eraser until it is smooth & secure. You have to hold the aluminum foil part of the "stylus" in order to work. It works best if it is held straight up & down.....not at an angle. A warning....while this is free, it is "temperamental" and may not work consistently enough for many students with special needs. Other directions using foam & salt water (to make it conductive) can be found on uTube.


Do you have problems with students hitting the Home Button (deliberately or accidentally) while using Apps? Bubcap is a protective cover that makes it more difficult to activate the Home Button, but still leave it accessible to you.

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