All About Apps

June 2012

Bridging Apps is a website from the Greater Houston Easter Seals. Go to their Insignio App Tool tab to search for apps according to categories such as social skills plus use their slider for limiting search parameters to skill level for cognition, fine motor, etc. Once you see the list of apps, you can read their reviews, compare to similar apps, look at embedded skills such as understanding cause effect, ability to match pictures, etc. You can even search in different languages.


May 2012

The Texas Computer Education Association has created a MASSIVE listing of apps organized according to large categories such as ....Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, etc. Each main category is then subdivided into further categories (Language Arts sublistings)- Literacy Skills, Reading Practice, Handwriting, Spelling, Grammar, Literature K-8, Literature High School and many more! While a little (!) overwhelming, you can search according to the specific category of interest AND because it is a google doc, it is a "live document" because it is constantly being updated by it's members.


March 2012

Way Cool "App"tivities is a document created by the Assistive Technology Partners, University of Colorado. In addition to typical "app lists", they supply resources, "how to get started" tips and examples of how you might use an app with students. 59 page pdf.


February 2012

Switch Accessible Apps for iPad/iPhone by Alex Dunn (SMARTInclusion) and Jane Farrall (Spectronics Inclusive Learning Technologies) have created a list of apps both AAC and "non- AAC" that are switch accessible on the iPad/iPod Touch/iPhone. Besides describing the app, they list the switch or switch interface that the app works with.


Nov. 2011

At Closing the Gap conference in Minneapolis, I went to a session by Caroline Musselwhite. She and others have developed a wiki that they call App Squared, because it is all about how to Apply Apps. The actual URL is . In order to submit an app, you have to describe how you have used it, so the apps are listed by those working with students!



Evaluating Apps

    How do you evaluate an app to determine if it is worth the money or if you should recommend it to others or use it with  your students? Rather than relying on other's opinions (or in addition to), you may want to use one of the App Evaluation Rubrics in this folder. Using a rubric is a good way to objectively evaluate an app to report to administrators, parents or other staff. The Evaluating Apps folder contains rubrics to help you in your evaluation and a Feature Match document if you need to identify the appropriateness of a specific app for a student.



APPS Lists






          Get a FREE version of the AAC app Voice4u by going to their website, sending them your resume and contact information. They will send you a promo code for you to redeem for 1 free version of the app.










I have been asked "What's on your iPad", so I have listed the apps that are on my iPad in an excel file Judi iPad apps v1.xls


NOTE: iTunes states that all app purchases are FINAL, so be careful before you click on download. If you have a credit card on file, you will be charged!  However, mistakes happen and if one does, you can email iTunes support explaining what happened. They promise to respond within 24 hours.