Basic Operation

Basic Operation


If you like a document (with images) to help you get started, this is a good one from Santa Ana (CA) Unified School District. They go through all of the basics such as setting restrictions, using the camera and photo booth, using iTunes, Apps for students with Special Needs and so much more. iPads and Education Access- 77 page pdf.



Using it


Redeeming a coupon code or iTunes gift card

     In the iTunes store home page, click on Redeem on the right side bar....or if you are on the app store page, scroll down to the bottom & find Redeem under Management, or click on your user account name on the top. Enter your password, go to Edit payment options and click on redeem gift card. Enter the coupon or gift card code. You will have to enter your iTunes password.


Manual Reader?

As long as you have an internet connection, you can view the user Guide for your device (iPad or iPod Touch), by clicking on the Safari button. If you don't see the user manual listed, click on the "bookmarks" icon  .

You will find the user manual there.  The manual can also be found on your iBooks bookshelf.