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Introducing and using iPads in Special Education classes and with children/students with physical and educational challenges has become a catalyst for change. These are just a few videos on YouTube demonstrating the power of iPads for individual children who previously had limited or no access to engage in learning.



This document by Jane Farrall from Spectronics Inclusive Learning Technologies, (August, 2011) iPads in Special Education is still pertinent now because of all of the resources she provides (tips & tricks, app reviews, accessibility options) in addition to using apps for literacy development, AAC, visual supports and so much more!


Becoming Han Solo - video


iPad 2 is a Game Changer for Children with Autism







IPads May Help Kids with Severe Vision Impairments

by Samantha Murphy
05 October 2011 10:59 AM ET

      Link to article at TechNewsDaily





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