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Classroom Set

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iPod Touch Resources

  • PowerSync Cart -
  • iPod Touches: the Classroom Set-Up - For anyone contemplating introducing iPod Touches into the classroom, the following is a brief summary of what the set-up in the classroom involves.
  • Apple Lab Apple Mobile Cart for iPods
  • PARASYNC Charge and Sync Dock Charge and synchronize content to as many as 20 iPod and iPhone devices from a single iTunes library.  This durable, attractive and lightweight docking solution makes managing and sharing large quantities of devices
    easier than ever.

  • Handheld Classroom Solutions "Handheld devices are relatively inexpensive, but powerful computing tools with a multitude of applications for educators to choose from. Our charge and organize products ease the operational management of handhelds in the classroom. Contact us to meet your specific handheld charging needs."
  • iPod Deployment and Management - Useful advice from a school district who is implementing iPod Touches. 




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